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Q: Who are you and what do you do?
A: We're a group of nerds who have banded together to put an end to the computer problems that have been plaguing our neighborhoods for years.
Q: Are you really nerds?
A: Yes. Through and through. We're technicians, programmers, IT experts and more. We're not the socially-awkward, pocket-protector type nerds you might have known in high school. We simply live, breathe, eat and sleep technology.
Q: Can you evaluate my problem over the phone?
A: Yes--and for free! We can pinpoint most problems just by talking with you on the phone. We can then let you know which flat-fee service will solve the problem, or give you a free estimate.
Q: How can you afford to charge less?
A: We don't have the overhead of a large office or gigantic retail chain. We run slim and efficient, and we pass the savings onto you.
Q: How do I know you won't inflate your estimate?
A: We use a flat-fee pricing structure, so you know exactly what the final price will be before you even give us a call.
Q: What cities do you work in?
A: We're located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and we service there and the surrounding areas of Oakland County (there's a complete list of cities at the bottom of the page). Some of our services can be performed remotely as well, so feel free to give us a call even if you're on the other side of the planet.
Q: Are you available after work hours?
A: Yes. We're officially available weekdays from 9am-9pm and weekends from 11am-6pm. We usually have technicians available after normal hours as well, so feel free to give us a call anytime.
Q: What if it takes longer than the estimated time?
A: We'll apologize for keeping you waiting. Seriously. If you present us with such a challenge, we'll be happy to learn how to work through it at no extra charge. We thrive on this stuff.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We'll take checks or money orders (made out to "myHelpfulNerd"), cash and all major credit cards. If you'd like to pay by credit card, you can pay online securely using our Google Checkout payment page.
Q: Why only a 2 week warranty?
A: Computer repairs aren't like car repairs. If it's not going to hold up, you almost always find out immediately. So a 2-week warranty is actually probably overkill. However, if a similar problem crops up later on and you suspect our service to be faulty, please give us a call. If it really is our fault, we'll do whatever we can to make it right.
Q: Can I watch over your shoulder as you work?
A: Yes, please do! We strongly feel that part of our service should be explaining how things went wrong, what we're doing to fix it, and what you can do to prevent future problems. This is much harder to do if you're not there with us!
Q: Will you need to take my computer offsite?
A: There's almost nothing we can do at our office that we can't do right in your home, so we very rarely ever have to take hardware offsite.
Q: What if you can't solve my problem?
A: In the very rare case that we can't solve your problem, you don't have to pay. If we were able to recommend a solution, find the source of the problem, or be helpful in some other way, we certainly wouldn't mind a donation... but don't feel obligated. We've let you down, and we're very sorry.
Q: What if I have lots of computers?
A: Our home service prices are typically for less than 5 computers, and our small business services are typically for less than 25 workstations. If you have more than that, just give us a call and we'll adjust the price accordingly if necessary.
Q: Do your prices include additional hardware or software costs?
A: Most of our services won't require any extra hardware or software, and when extra software is required it's usually free. However, in the case that extra hardware or software must be purchased, we'll usually be able to offer you less-than-retail prices.
Q: Will you discount your price on combined services?
A: Yes! If you have us perform multiple services at once, we'll simply charge $59.99 per hour. If that ends up being more than the original total flat-fee price, then we'll just charge you the original total.
Q: Do the prices on your site include tax?
A: Yes! We only have to charge additional tax for products purchased from Michigan. Our services don't get taxed.
Q: Is your number toll free?
A: Yes! Call us as often as you want at no charge!
Q: What are your terms of service or engagement agreement?
A: We have two of them--one for home users and one for business users. You can download and review both of them in PDF format right here:
Home User Engagement Form
Business User Engagement Form
"I can't thank myHelpfulNerd enough for recovering and bringing our computer back to life, and in such a quick time-frame at that!"
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"I will be taking all my computer concerns to myhelpfulnerd, and I suggest if you want excellent service for a reasonable price you will do the same."
service area
With technicians in Rochester Hills and Lake Orion, Michigan we gladly service the surrounding Oakland County areas, including: Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Leonard, Oakland Twsp., Oxford, Pontiac, Shelby Twsp., Sterling Heights, Troy and Waterford. Many of our computer repair services can also be provided remotely anywhere on the planet.

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